IT Modernization

Legacy technology and IT systems are a valuable asset to any business; however, due to their complexity and rigidness, they become a hindrance to the growth of your organization. Over time, existing systems can get expensive because their incapability to respond to business process change might hinder work. The maintenance of the traditional applications not only slows down your businesses’ performance but also results in your organization spending more time and money on them. If your organization is facing all these issues, then modernizing your apps is the right thing for you to do. It will make your applications scalable and make them ready for AI and automation and allow you to deliver high-quality user experiences.

Our IT Modernization services at Explore TEK help organizations achieve modernization and attain quantifiable value with less risk. We take care of the migration of legacy to new applications, integrating new functionality to offer cutting-edge functions to the business. Our team of experts will use your current application code investments and assist you in using modern development practices. When it comes to modernizing applications, we aim to preserve the heritage and offer more flexibility.

With our emphasis on cloud and open source software, we assist our customers in getting the latest technologies’ advantages while constantly updating the ecosystem. Explore TEK supports its clients through the digital renovation of their organization to enhance the flexibility, service quality, and control the expenses. We also support initiatives to modernize IT infrastructure for agencies to save money and work on the traditional application modernization for Federal, State, and Agencies. Our IT Modernization services upgrade apps securely and with negligible disturbance to business processes. You can design an entirely new digital enterprise with us, and our efforts will take your enterprise to new heights.


Application Modernization


  • Application Code conversion.
  • Responsive IT solutions
  • Integration & Automation
  • Real-time to market demands
  • Business rules mining


Enterprise Architecture (EA)

  • Organizational Business design
  • Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF)
  • SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • EA Planning, Roadmap, & Transition
  • Governance & Collaboration

Legacy Modernization

  • Refactoring, ReEngineering, Migration, Replacement and Optimization
  • Application assessment
  • Re-platform services

ReEngineer Business Process

  • Current State to Future State
  • Process Gap or disconnects
  • Re-design core Line of Business.
  • Improve Customer Experience