Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a compiled list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the profession in demand- Travel Nursing. Take your sweet little time to go through it, and if you are still unable to find a suitable answer, you can always contact our recruiters at (248) 864-0038 or drop a mail at We’ve got all your queries covered.

How Do I get started with nursing jobs with Exp TEK?

Kindly send us your job application, with contact information get started. After reviewing your resume, we can begin discussing prospective assignments that are well-aligned with your resume. When you locate a position you prefer, your recruiter will apply for it on your behalf and guide you through the rest of the methodologies and processes.

Can I find travel nursing work positions at Exp TEK?

Exp TEK has vacant travel nursing positions in a range of disciplines and working shifts across the United States. You can view our page to search for our huge database of travel nursing jobs by specialization, designation, and location. You can also turn on your notification to receive information regarding open positions in your field.

What is the time frame for receiving an assignment?

Our Recruiters and Credentialing Team will work with you directly to assure that all credentials are received, and requirements are completed, for timely submission to our client facilities. It normally takes around 2-3 weeks once you are cleared from client and Exp TEK have decided to move forward with your application for the job role. It also crucially depends on when you're available to accept the given assignment.

What is the usual duration of travel nursing assignments?

The average assignment lasts for 3 months, but in certain cases, it is brief as one month and can even reach out to be as lengthy as 6 months. You must complete your assigned task according to the terms and conditions of the contract. Contracts are often renewed if the nurse and the hospital are in accord.

What happens after the assigned nursing task is completed?

Our recruiters at Exp TEK will talk to you and begin discussing new employment opportunities with you before the complication of your assignment. However, you have the option or complete freedom of extending your assigned duty (if one is available), accepting another medical work, travelling to another state, or simply taking a short break. In Exp TEK, you may get a head start on looking for new work opportunities.

What will my payment rate be?

Your overall salary package or paycheck is tailored to your requirements, including hourly wage, added benefits, commissions, insurance policies, and so on. Pay varies from job to job, based on the region, the medical facility, your performance, and many other crucial aspects.

How frequently can I expect my payment?

It often depends on your assigned tasks and the healthcare institution. In regular circumstances, you can expect your direct deposit once a week. To avoid the hassle of looking for a new bank for every professional gig, most travel nurses prefer to have their paychecks directly deposited into their bank.

Does Exp TEK take care of Travel nursing state licenses?

The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) is a group of states that permits nurses to practice in different territories of each other's states. To exempt yourself from all of the confusion, get in touch with Exp TEK to know more about licensing policies.