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A Tug Of War Between Supply And Demand

Travel Nurses: A Tug of War between Supply and Demand

Travel nurses’ schedules have always been extremely daunting and demanding. Most of the time, their living and earning patterns are determined by how many vacancies exist at the various nursing homes and hospitals. The availability of various hospitals’ openings determines whether or not things will go well for them. This is why so many travel nurses are now looking for a more stable and long-term position. Just a few people worked in the health sector before the epidemic. The pandemic led to the demand for nurses growing tremendously. The needs of health professionals and the numbers of working professionals were drastically out of proportion, which is why travel nurses’ demands were sky-high at that point in time. Nonetheless, the world is coping well after two immunization doses and other measures.

The positive outcomes of the high demand for travel nurses

Most countries were caught off guard when Covid-19 was released; no one could have predicted that anything as erroneous as the combined results would shock the world. Countless deaths and a deteriorating health system have made most of us aware of the need for more and more health professionals; if anyone was capable and can dare to save the lives of humans unconditionally, it is doctors and nurses; as a result, many companies have hired nurses permanently rather than on a term sheet. According to several travel nurses’ personal experiences, they used to make $6000 per week before the pandemic, but due to the strong demand in the covid era, their compensation was increased with a lot more efficiency. As a matter of result, they are currently able to earn $10000 per week. Every travel nurse appreciates the financial stability provided by the global medical crisis, but nothing comes without a cost. There are some disadvantages as well, which are self-evident as soon as the pay boost is realised.

The adverse outcomes of the high demand for travel nurses

 The travel nurses are particularly stressed about their work culture as a result of several negative effects. It has been extremely demanding for health care employees to maintain their mental health over the past three years. As front-line workers, they were also exposed to the greatest amount of risk. According to reports, Covid19 has cost the world many effective health workers over the last three years. Many nurses were stressed by long work hours, infrequent vacations, and the continual mental pressure of working from multiple locations, away from their homes and families. This depletion was not the scenario before the covid phenomenon came into existence.

Before March 2020, the situation was so different that many were looking for extra hours at hospitals to increase their wages. Even though they are earning enough money at the moment, their emotional, mental, and physical commitments in the profession have become so significant that some have begun to question its productivity. Both demand and supply go hand in hand. In the face of a plethora of pricey alternatives, many of these corporations decide to raise the salaries of nurses while failing to execute the consistency of their specified tasks across countries. With the rise of Covid-19, one thing has become fashionable among hiring agencies: travel nurses must take care of these things in exchange for cheap human labour. Exploitation has become an inextricable feature of the liberal workforce, and it is up to the employees to make the most of it.

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